Wednesday, 28 September 2016


THEME: Behaviorial Change

Problem Space:

Mobile apps that use traditional/usual insert-the-recipe-name and search it method is not fit to all type of users. Some may prefer to just cook with ingredients/groceries they got at home, without needing to go out to do extra groceries shopping. This group of people will find the usual apps unsatisfying their needs, and experiencing a hard time to cook; Unable to find appropriate recipe with ingredients they have, or if they do, it will take a long time until they find one. This will waste their precious time. In other word, this group of people will feels the current and usual recipe searching apps are lacking in terms of usability, and giving them a discontent experience.

Supporting Images:


We chose CookPad as to compare the existing system to our own new system. It is very similar with our system so we used it as a benchmark to compare it to our own application. CookPad is available in Google Play Store and can be downloaded and used for free.

  • ·         Recipes for dishes is entered by other users instead of the system administrator.

This app is depending on other users to input their own recipes. If no one inputted some recipe, then it will not be available in the search results or in its database. Besides, some recipes might not be accurate, as in the measures of ingredients quantity might not be accurate, thus it can cause problems to other users who follows the shared recipes.

  • ·         The application does not have efficient settings

Its usability goals is only partially achieved. It does not fully make the tasks in the application easier. For example, we need to log out of the application in order to change the language of the application. This is not efficient as it does not have any drop down menu to change language directly, but instead it requires user to log out and change user language. It is wasting user’s time.

Another problem that is in the settings of this application is we cannot directly send feedback through this application. It is directing us to email application to send a feedback. This can be hassle for users that does not have any email application in their smartphone. It will also trouble users who doesn’t have an e-mail. Besides, both terms of service and privacy policy also directs us to a browser application to view it. It’s not directly available within the application itself.

Furthermore, there is no drop down menu when we enter our location and biography in settings. If we enter a fake location, it just saves whatever we enter into the system. It behaves like a dummy menu.

  • ·         The system is less user friendly.

There are no pictures in the steps of cooking. Although the steps are clear and users will be very well informed on how to cook the dish, users may find it hard to relate what they read in the application to the real life. Other than that, they also don’t have any pictures of the ingredients. If user does not know how does the ingredient looks like, they will be unable to cook properly.

  • ·         The application is not attractive.

It only has two colors (black and white) on the recipe part. It is not very attractive; thus user might not be motivated to use it. It looks too simple and plain. User might not enjoy the application. User may be able to complete their task efficiently but they might not feel an emotional connection with the application.


-KitchenGeek Mobile Apps

In order for the users to be able to cook in the nick of time, they need a cooking application which helps they planning their meal efficiently. By taking this into account, we intend to propose our application, KitchenGeek with allows user to insert their own list of ingredients – users will be suggested with a list of recipes possible to make with their ingredients.

Proposed solution to the problems:
  • ·         Make a settings that works efficiently for users

     Users should be able to change language without have to log out of the application by clicking to a drop down menu created – which is save a lot of time. We will also provide user the ability to send feedback directly through this application

  • ·         Create a user-friendly application

     Since this application intends to help user in cooking, we should provide pictures step-by-step on how to cook the recipes. At the same time, we will include the picture of ingredients to help them identify the correct one.

  • ·         Create an application with an attractive interface

     In our new application, we intend to create a unique but simple interface;  the application should be colourful but not too complex which wasting users’ time.

To create an innovative mobile apps named KitchenGeek where instead of usual insert-the-recipe-name and search it, user just need to insert ingredients/groceries that currently available at his/her home, and the apps will do the rest; suggesting suitable recipes and after user choose the one his/her want, the apps will display the recipe.

For our very first version of KitchenGeek mobile apps, we are aiming to focus on Malaysians’ recipe and cuisine. Even though it looks like a small and simple scope at first, the reality is Malaysia is a country rich in cultures due to variation of races living together as Malaysians. As the results, they are variety of cuisines available waiting to be discovered.

Measureable objectives:
  • ·         Creating at least 10 recipes for the first version of KitchenGeek.
  • ·         All recipes are easy to make, lesser steps needed.
  • ·         To get at least 3 beta testers that are satisfied with our prototype before proceeding to final version.
  • ·         Every recipe has more than one picture, and we will try to make step by step pictures if possible.


Ø  Housewives
Housewives might want to try different recipes or dishes for their beloved family. They can input the available ingredients in their fridge and get a list of recipes they can try. Some of the dishes might be an uncommon dish, thus they can try new dishes with a proper guide.

Ø  Employed people
Career driven people are usually busy and unable to constantly fill their fridge with needed ingredients. Thus, they can utilize the remaining ingredients that they have without having to waste it just because they don’t know what are the dishes that can be done with it. It can save their time and money. Other than that, they don’t have to remember the recipes. It is ready available, for free and they can just open the app and use it whenever they have the need to cook.

Ø  University Students
University students that rent houses outside of their campus will have facilities such as fridge and kitchen in their rent houses. They can save money by cooking food in their rent house. Home cooked food is also more healthy than foods bought from restaurants. 

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