Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Conceptual Design & Principles of User-Centred Approach

1. Conceptual Model
  -Describing in terms of core activities, objects or interface  metaphors.
  - Conceptualizing what we are doing.
  - Based on core aspects of the customer experience.

  - Being intuitive to use.


2. Propose one or more related social mechanisms in communication and collaboration to be added to your proposed project, describe the purpose, and give justification why the proposed mechanism should be included. Draw the proposed mechanism interface and prepare the detail descriptions for each component involves in the interface.

There are three types of social mechanism in Human Computer Interaction field. They are convention mechanism, coordination mechanism and awareness mechanism. Convention mechanism is a type of social mechanism that facilitates the flow of talk in an application and aids the use of voice technology. Coordination mechanism is a mechanism that allows people to cooperate and interact with each other. Awareness mechanism allows users of an application to keep updated with their surroundings, as in they know what is happening and to let others know the information as well.

In order for the users to be able to cook in the nick of time, they need a cooking application which helps they planning their meal efficiently. By taking this into account, we intend to propose our application, KitchenGeek with allows user to insert their own list of ingredients – users will be suggested with a list of recipes possible to make with their ingredients.